So you are thinking I am talking about those black and white images that meander through your head as you sleep…nope, not those dreams.  I am referring to those things you want to do, but seem so far out of your reach, that all you can call them are dreams, because they certainly aren’t reality.

I have been priviledged to watch the dreams or talents of others unfold over the past number of years, including my own.   I wrote a book and published it last year, called “A Dragon’s Passion”.  Is it a number one bestseller yet…no, but that wasn’t my goal when I wrote it.  I hadn’t planned on publishing it, so the fact that it is in print is my reward at this moment.  Does it mean that I don’t want it to be a bestseller, no.  I would like to see it be as famous as some other authors that have written mega popular series that are now movies, but if that never happens, I am still satisfied.

I am particularly excited about seeing the talents of a friend of mine, who couldn’t see her amazing talent for painting or drawing back when I met her 10 years ago.  She was too bogged down by obligations and duty (much like the heroine in my book) to see that she was special.  She took the leap of faith that was required and has been very successful in selling her paintings here in Canada, and now in the US.  If you have a moment, check out her daily paint works on this site: http://www.dailypaintworks.com/allartists/#/artist=eaton, krista&mode=search.  These past couple of years have been a transition for her as she relocated to the US and had to rebuild her business in a new market.  She paints every day, and she has two small children to look after, so finding her niche wasn’t easy, but I think she has done it.

I have the opportunity now to watch as my own family begin new chapters and stretch the boundaries of what they thought was possible.  For my daughter, it is the transition into adulthood and college that she is on the threshold of, and I am so looking forward to watching her develop her talents and interests into a career she will love.  I have the best seat in the house to watch my husband expand his business and possibly author a book of his own this year.  Of course, there is my son, who is an amazing wrestler, and is only beginning to tap into his talent in this arena.

I guess the point I am making, is that there is amazing things beginning to take shape and bloom all around you if you stop long enough to look for them.  Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our own dreams that aren’t fulfilled, that we miss the little miracles that happen in others.  These dreams while they may not be your own, are no less important.  They show you that anything is possible if you truly want it.  It doesn’t mean it is easy, just possible.  Sometimes in waiting, we discover that the dream we thought we wanted, isn’t what we were meant to do at all.  Often times, it is bigger, and more diverse than anything we planned.  Sometimes, it is a small change that produces a big impact in the life of someone else that has the power to change the world. 

I’ve discovered that the times I feel most successful and fulfilled, are those times when I can stand beside someone else and congratulate them on their success in reaching their dreams.  I love being the inspiration behind the success, more than I enjoy my own.  That may sound strange, it may sound like I am trying to show false modesty, or lack sincerity, but it is truly where I find the most joy.  If anything I do can impact the life of someone else positively, I have realized my dreams and potential.  I have operated in my own destiny and purpose for living.  I feel sorry for those that will never experience this sense of accomplishment, as it is the most rewarding (in my opinion anyway).

Whatever your dreams are, keep pressing forward.  Find that person who will be your personal cheerleader, and allow them to motivate, inspire, and direct you on your path.  It might be a total stranger, or someone close to you, but often it comes from somewhere you never thought to look.  While on that journey of dream building, don’t forget to stop and relish in the joy of someone else’s accomplishments.  They may just be the catalyst to you reaching yours!