Dogs and God

Have you seen those dog owners out with the dog that is all dressed up like a human, complete with shoes?  I think the shoes are a bit extreme, but after becoming a dog owner, I understand a little bit better about the sweaters.  Really, though, what on earth are people thinking when they treat their dogs like babies?  Well, I think I know how this happens, as I kind of look at my puppy as one of the “kids”.

So what on earth does dogs have to do with God?  On the surface it would seem absolutely nothing.  God is omnipotent, omnipresence, and omniscient.  Dogs don’t possess any of those attributes, yet when I think of my dog, I think of God.  The Bible tells us that we can discover God through nature, but I hadn’t really thought much about this until the past couple of weeks.

Dogs are an example of the unconditional love God offers.  Dogs are patient, understanding, forgiving, loving, and loyal.  I know that there are many girls out there that have gone through abuse who want to have a baby to get the unconditional love they so desperately want.  The problem with that is, babies are human and we have free will.  Free will comes with the inherent risk that at some point, they may choose another path, another object of affection, and if you have been less than perfect, they may actually hold a grudge and want to make your life miserable.  Not so with a dog.

I was worried about how my puppy would respond to me after being neutered.  I was worried he would hold a grudge.  He didn’t.  He was so happy to see me when I came to pick him up from the vet.  He didn’t complain when he had to walk around with a cone on his head for 10 days.  No, he was just as loving as he was before the big day.

I also hate leaving him alone for more than a couple of hours, so that he won’t feel neglected.  If it happens is he upset with me; no not at all.  If I can’t take him out for a walk or play with him when he wants attention, does he snub me and want to hang out with the other family members to make me feel bad; no, of course not.

What I discovered is that his nature is like that of God the Father.  He patiently waits for us to spend time with him, he is excited when we do, but doesn’t hold it against us if we don’t.  He is loyal even when we stray and take interests that may not line up with righteous living.  He is forgiving, he just asks us to say sorry, and all is forgotten.  He is understanding, and recognizes that we aren’t perfect, and He is happy with that, that is the way we were created.  He has always wanted one thing, a relationship.  Not religion, relationship.  My dog craves a relationship with me and the other family members.  Is it always easy to maintain a meaningful relationship?  No, absolutely not.  Relationships of any kind take effort, understanding, patience, and forgiveness, whether dog, human, or supernatural being.  We have the exact relationship we want based on the amount of effort, time, and emotional connectedness we put into it, assuming the other party wants the same.  In the case of my dog, and as well with God, they both desperately want a loving and personal relationship with me, and in the end, I want the same thing.  We all do…we all want to be accepted and loved.  My dog is my very physical reminder that God the Father is there, waiting to spend time, always willing to chat, and accepts me as I am, flaws and all.