The Dark of Light

ImageSuffocating. The ebony fingers stroke your senses, play with your fears–your desires.  Your hopes and dreams flash with the beat of your heart, then fade as panic’s stress entwines itself into the very fibers of your muscles, making automatic reactions spasm and twitch as they fight for control.  As much as you want to manipulate the scene and its outcome, you are helpless and blind, groping for the light that will erase the doubts–the nightmare.

While this may seem like a description for a number of things; a panic attack or heart attack, for instance, it is neither.  It is also not a crime scene in progress.  It is the dark tunnels of life.  The point where we have no idea where we are headed at the end, but know the only way to get to the end, and to the light is to keep moving forward even in those dark moments of doubt. 

For some, life starts fairly easy.  Nice flat terrain that stretches for miles.  At some point, perhaps at high school, the terrain begins to climb as decisions have to be projected further into uncharted territory.  We may find a small tunnel running through our hilly landscape.  There is a small degree of uncertainty, but the darkness is short and we are on the other side of this tunnel quickly.

Life seems to create these changes in terrain to condition us, transform us, and prepare us for what lies ahead, but that doesn’t mean the journey through the dark tunnel of doubt or fear is easy to manage.

The longer the tunnel, the greater the doubt, the more questions we ponder–rhetorical or otherwise–the harder the journey through the blanket of night.  We pray the next step will be the point around the bend where the sliver of illumination will appear, drawing us to its source–our hopes, expectations, and goals.

You’ve heard the saying, “Nothing worth having ever comes easy.”  Why the heck not?  Rhetorical question, as we all know that we have to live and experience all of life’s lessons–good, bad, and downright painful to become the unique person we need to be to seize the opportunity that is represented by the light at the end of the tunnel.

While the tunnel may be long and come with twists and turns you struggle to see, you can keep going knowing there is a point to the turmoil that fills your mind as you stumble through the dark.  The key lies in never giving up.  Even when you feel like curling up into a fetal position and letting the fears claim your spirit and will to go on, you must not stop!  You only fail when you don’t keep moving forward.  Stop looking behind you, there isn’t anything to go back to, only lessons to carry forward.

Greatness is waiting to be born, and that only happens when we breach the light that may be long in coming, but is there, even when all you can see is black.


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